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Catching Up

Do you ever feel that you're trying to catch up on projects? With starting one before finishing another. Well, that's how it has been for me lately. But this week, I finally was able to cross things off my list & boy, does it feel good to do so. At the end of the post, I have included tips on creating flower arrangements, I hope they help you as we're starting to create more for spring.

One of the projects that needed to be done was organizing two drawers in our kitchen. I shared them this week on Instagram & in the weekly newsletter. These drawers were always on my to-do list, but I never got around to doing it. One drawer was my flatware, I have several sets that we use daily & my charcuterie utensils are in the same drawer. It was organized, but everything was just stacked instead of laid out nicely. Even though I had a bamboo tray, the compartment sizes didn't work with what I had. The other drawer has all of my serving ware, straws, attachments to small appliances & small kitchen tools. Now that drawer had nothing organized; everything was just tossed in the drawer when we first moved in almost two years ago. Since everything is different sizes, finding a tray that would fit correctly was hard. Well, since I was on the January organizing kick, I ordered adjustable dividers. Yes, the box sat near the drawer for over a week. Until my friend Claire & I talked about collaborating on our kitchen drawers, that's exactly what I needed, motivation! Sometimes we need a friend to give us the push that we need to get things done. If you're not following Claire, head over to her Instagram account @huntersridge_designs, & you will be so happy that you did.

More spring flowers have been listed in the shop in my Spring Collection. They're gorgeous! I have started to create arrangements with them & I shared one in yesterday's reels on Instagram. Well, they made their appearance as I featured the new sconces that I added to the new cozy space at CCH. A full post is live. I will add the post here if you would like to read it. I brought Pompom flowers, Hydrangeas, Sunflowers & Clovers in Phase II. Phase II completes the Spring Collection for CCH. It has been great sourcing the entire collection.

Spring flowers artificial
CCH Spring Collections

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Creating Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangement is always fun to create. I love making all-size arrangements & using different types of containers. Sometimes the opening of the container is broader than what I need it to be. Especially if I am creating an arrangement that I want a fuller look, when this occurs, I make a grid on top of the container by simply using clear tape to create my grid. You can create your grid as tight as you like, allowing your flowers to stand straight & not have too much movement. On Sunday, I will share my Valentine's tablescape with an arrangement I created that needed a grid. You can use any tape on hand as long as it has a suitable adhesive. For containers that have texture, I need to use a stronger adhesive tape than just scotch tape or create a double grid to support the tape. Don't use tapes that have stretch to them, like electrical tape. I used it once & it was not good, haha. The tape was becoming loose from the weight of the flowers. I like to use flower frogs for tall containers to give an open feel arrangement.

vintage books
Creating a grid to hold my flowers.

Creating the grid allows for my flowers to stay in place.

hydrangeas artifical
A view into a tight arrangement with Hydrangeas from the shop.

I love to use all sorts of containers for my arrangements. I use your typical vases to crocks, advertising jars, my French canning jars, bowls & silver pitchers. We're approaching the yard sale season. I can't wait! That's my favorite place to find my containers & of course, FBMP, so keep your eyes peeled. You just never know you might find your next flower container.

Next week on CCH, I will be sharing on Tuesday a HUGE collaboration that I have been working on. I can't wait to share it with you! & at the end of the week, CCH will be on vacation; we're taking our sweet Pepper to his favorite winter destination. Where is your favorite winter vacation spot? Please put it in the comments below. Stay tuned!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend & thank you for being here!

XO ~ Ali

* Click on the pictures to be directed to a page in CCH, my LTK or DIME Beauty.

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