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Celebrating the 4th of July 3 Easy Tips For a Vintage Tablescape

Summer starts here at Country Chic Homes once we bring out our flags. This year we did as all the years past, the week before Memorial Day. Even though the weather didn't feel like it was summer, the flags were hung high & proudly waving in the wind. What does summer mean for you? What is that one item that you bring out & you & your family & friends know that a new season has arrived & are about to make new memories?

My decor has evolved over the past few years & with that, so have my patriotic touches. I have found the simplicity of just hanging our flag, draping it across the mantel, or a grain sack that I have curated that have red & blue stripes. The added touches are a stack of white ironstone under a cloche or a cluster of taper candles that flicker just like the sparklers I used to love when I was a child.

My fondest childhood memory of the 4th of July was when my dad & I would go down to the corner hardware store, Garretts Hardware, to pick out my box of fireworks. What seemed like forever to pick out probably only took a few minutes; I always wanted the giant box with the most fireworks; was it because there was more in the box, or was it that it meant more memories would be created with each one? Dad would also buy me a separate box of those beautiful sparkling ones, as the big box only came with a handful. As we walked away, I wanted to carry the boxes. My little arms would barely be able to take both boxes, I would stretch my fingers as much as could to barely have them touch one another, but I was just so happy that somehow, I would make it back to his truck, smiles & all my heart would be beating so fast cause I felt so lucky. He would open my side of the door & the struggle of me putting the boxes onto the seat all by myself was a real challenge, pushing the boxes into where my fingers could no longer touch the edge of the larger box. I would look back & just with that one look, my dad knew I was ready for him to lift me up; he would place his hands right under my arms, & I would still do a little jump to help him get me onto my seat. I want to say he would buckle me in, but probably not, as we're talking about many moons ago & seat belts weren't a thing then. As I sat in the front seat of his truck, I still remember the smell vividly of a hard-working man, the scent of crisp hot dirt from working in the vineyards; I may have never shared with you; my dad had his own vineyard management company. He managed vineyards of grapes, but before then, it was apples, kiwis & prunes. Well, his truck smelled heavenly & I remember seeing hand sheers that he would use, a memo tablet & a pen, a book of collected business cards that he had gathered over the years. I used to love to look through his book & see all the different styles of cards & feel all of the textures. Oh & of course, the smell of diesel! As he would begin to drive, I would place my left hand on top of my boxes so they wouldn't slide around the seat. My memories are vivid & thinking back, I now realize that my dad was creating memories for himself that he probably looked back on throughout his entire life as the 4th of July would approach each year. As the years passed & I grew up, fireworks became illegal & we would attend local events, fairs & a nightly firework show. But I am sure that my dad would still be able to hear the sound of joy every time he would light a firework or see my face glow as each one would burst in the air & the sparkle in my eyes as they would blink rapidly from holding a sparkler in my hand, many years ago.
Fast forward to the present time, I now create tablescapes for the 4th of July & at each table; I share a little bit of my dad as in all of my decor. I like to keep them simple to have the focus be one of my flags or the core patriotic colors. Several of the pictures below are taken at dusk. I usually will take my photographs first & then the videos that I share on my social media. I'll add the links to the posts & you will see how the sun has set in the videos, giving each table an entirely different vibe. I have been enjoying creating my tables outside since I brought home the farmhouse table, I found earlier this year on Facebook Marketplace for FREE! Starting my tables at dusk allows me to play around with the string lighting I have outside. I also find it romantic & magical. I am working on a big blog post that will be a three-part series I will combine once I have them all done. So far, I have the first one that focuses on my glassware, linked below.

American Flag
Be Still...
Several tips that I have for creating a vintage patriotic tablescape to where you won't lose focus & cross over into a table that is, well, too much. I don't mean that in any way of disrespect but more in a way that keeps the balance of vintage & patriotic. My number one tip would be & is for a themed tablescape use what you currently have that will fit the theme, such as colored glassware, ribbon, linens & table settings. For your decor, I love to use vintage books. Of course, I used Red, White & Blue, actually for the table that has the books, I created that table for Memorial Day. There really is no difference when I style for Memorial Day or the 4th Of July. It would be the music I choose for my videos that differentiate the two holidays. Bring out your flags or buntings. This year I only used my buntings for one & the others, I used a grain sack or a throw blanket as a table runner. & as always, mix & match your tableware; it definitely sets the mood for a vintage table.
  • Shop your home for any items that are listed below

  • Decor elements, books, flags, mason jars & candles & candle holders

  • Mix & match your tableware, linens & use at least three different elements. I usually go with glass, wood & metal.

As my love for creating tablescapes grows & I find different ways to showcase them, I am enjoying every moment. For a while, I struggled with what I wanted to share in the decor & of our home. But I genuinely have found such a passion for tables. Our dining table can alsways be seen with a beautiful centerpiece that can be seen on Instagram or on TikTok during some of my morning coffee moments. I always have said there is something special about tables; it is where one gathers, where we enjoy a meal usually made by me & where memories are created. To have the opportunity to create more of what I love & share with you, I hope that you find inspiration from each one. As our home is very brocante, so are our tables & so are the tablescapes that I create, but they can easily be made with new or vintage-inspired items. You can still incorporate the three tips above.

USA vintage grain sack
At CCH Dining Table

Vintage American Flah
2021 4th Of July

Well, if you have been with me & CCH for a while, then you know what starts to happen soon after the 4th of July; hints of Fall begin to appear here at CCH & I have a sense of comfort. This year will be no different & yes, my friends, I have my Fall & Christmas all planned out. With that in mind, I will be working a little faster on the blog posts I need to send out before then.
At the beginning of the post, I shared my beautiful memory as a child with my dad. I have opened the comment section below; I would love it if you would share a memory either of yourself as a child or, if you have children, a memory that you created with your children during the 4th of July. Thank you for allowing me to share my memory & take a walk down memory lane, a time that was so special to me & I honestly had forgotten about. Since his passing, I feel like I have only been remembering the past ten years before his passing, not realizing that I have an entire lifetime of memories with my dad, so I thank you!
Have the most wonderful 4th of July; enjoy every bit of it & create beautiful memories!


A look into Patriotic Decor at CCH:

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