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Chicken Wire Lanterns

I hadn't planned on chatting about the lanterns until the weekend, but I have received so many questions & love them. So let me tell you how easy it was to create them. I have added my LTK post with all the links to what you will need to make your very own. For those that don't have LTK, I'll list the items for you with a direct link.

Super easy to make! It all depends on the size that you want them to be. I cut the chicken wire using my boyfriend's wire cutters. I think any kitchen shears will work as the wire I used is thin. The scissors that we have available in the shop will do the trick! Once I cut the wire, I created a lantern & secured it in 3 sections with clear zip ties. To hang the lanterns, I used twine. I cut two strips & threaded them through to make a pyramid shape to have all sides supported. That's it!! Easy peasy!

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