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Christmas At Country Chic Homes

Hey Guy's!!!

Let's chat what Christmas will look like here at Country Chic Homes, ya'll have been asking me what I'll be creating & what the vibe will be. Well let me tell ya'll it's going to be cozy & bright. I just want to give you a little bit of an insight of what to expect.

So the main question, when will Christmas arrive to CCH? I am planning to have the starting of Christmas the 2nd week of November & with our main Christmas tree the weekend of Thanksgiving. So those are 2 very important deadlines for me to meet. But as for what it'll all look like, I am going towards a French Country Chic Christmas. With all the twinkle lights, all size Christmas trees, urns, cozy white & cream textures, angels, white peonies, cream colored roses, eucalyptus, ribbon, vintage bells & of course pine garlands.

Our main Christmas tree, will not have any ornaments, it'll be full of twinkle lights to give the cozy vibe & with the look of simplicity. For the topper, I am still creating it in my mind or may even just use the one that we already have.

I will be having some DIY, of course for my garlands & swags!!!

In another post, I'll share some of the pieces that I'll be using. I'll have it ready for you by the weekend. Just know that it's all coming to play & will look so beautiful!

Thank you so much for letting me share my home with you everyday & every season. I absolutely am truly blessed with all of you.



2019 Christmas At Country Chic Homes

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