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Christmas in July, why not?

Who knew that Christmas in July was a thing? I didn't know it existed until I joined the world of being a content creator. But I am having fun & spreading Christmas joy in the summer & especially if it is hot & dreaming of cooler temperatures like in December.

This post is not an introduction to what Christmas will look like; it's not the blueprint, as I am still gathering all the final details. I will share that with you in a post in September. But this will give you a peek into what I have been creating in my mind. This post will focus on what I shared in my reels on Instagram earlier in the week. I had intended to share the still photos, but I have decided to share the collection of pictures with you here & then possibly during Christmas, I will create a post for my social media.

I decided to share our mantel & create a tablescape as my sneak peek. It was going to flow into one another so gracefully & you would be able to see the simplicity of what I will share later in the year. As for my table, the focal point was my Christmas trees! I purchased these last year & I hardly shared them or created them with them. I placed one in baskets & one in a European zinc flowerpot & it stayed there for the entire season. This year I will be using them in my content vs. having them in one place. They're currently in stock & I can't tell you enough how beautiful they're & will be in your home decor for a very long time.

The center of the table needed to be grand & bold. I placed the trees in the center of our table on top of a square tablecloth with delicate crocheting around the hem. Since the trees come in their potting bucket with faux dirt, I wanted to cover that part up. I used fabric that I have had for several years now, & ironically a color that you will see during the season. It's a velvet antique yellow that is soft in color but adds so much & with the texture it balances out the rest of the table. I needed candles, of course, but I went in for votives instead of tapers. I used colored glass to hold the votives; the glow of each candle embraces each holder & creates a beautiful glow. For the tableware, I brought in the gold chargers that I love to use for the holidays; they add elegance to the table. Stacked with red transferware & cream transferware. Glassware I went with two styles for each set; due to the size of the trees, to keep the table centered, two glasses were needed & to pull in the color theme & clear glass for transparency. Gold silverware lay on top of vintage linen napkins & continues with elegance. The tablescape is all the beautiful colors you will see once the season arrives here at CCH.

For the mantel, I brought in two 6' garlands. I added white peonies & green hydrangeas. Will this be present during Christmas? Or was it only for Christmas in July? We shall see. Again, this was just a sneak peek (wink).

Christmas table decor vintage chandelier
Christmas in July... Do you spy Pepper?
If you want to take a walk down memory lane, I have linked several Christmas posts from last year. Last year was a very colorful one here. I have linked my LTK shop Collection of 2022 Holiday & Christmas CCH many items are available this year. I will be starting my 2023 collection folders soon.

Important Dates:
1st Fall 2023 Share Friday August 4th, 2023
Annual Fall Post Friday August 8th, 2023
Last Summer Post Monday August 21st, 2023
Full Fall At Country Chic Homes Wednesday August 23rd, 2023

Feel free to leave a comment or question below; I love it when you do!

XO Ali

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