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Christmas Scents

Hey Guy's!!!

Tis the Season & it's time to start Decking the Halls... haha I could go on forever!!! Well here at Country Chic Homes we have already created some Christmas vignettes & are in plans to continue through out the season. So make sure you're following along over on the gram.

What else would complete Country Chic Homes Christmas Vibe? But candles of course!!! This year we have collaborated with Little Grey House Candle Co. for our Holiday candles & let me tell you, AMAZING!!! I'll be chatting about the one's that are included in the Holiday Favorite Sampler Box & you'll definitely see them in our posts. So head on over to order your very own Holiday Candle or Holiday Favorite Sampler Box. & of course LGH Candle Co. has given us a discount code to share with you for 15% OFF with CODE: CCHOMES15 & FREE SHIPPING Over $50. How amazing is that!! Okay let's chat...

In the sampler box, you'll recieve

  • Cranberry Woods

  • Gingerbread

  • Evergreen

  • Woollen Mittens

Cranberry Woods:

A fresh scent of cranberries on a winter brisk morning is what this scent is. Pure & delightful to burn all day to create a cozy vibe with a bit of sweet & tartness.


Well absolutely perfect, just as if you were baking gingerbread cookies all day & have them out on your counter waiting for them to cool off. A perfect blend of ginger & spice brings it all together creating a scent that will linger.


Bring the outdoors into your home & have it nestled next to a cozy fire while watching your favorite holiday movie. A scent that literally smells as if you had just cut down your Christmas tree or a few branches to make a garland.

Woolen Mittens:

A soft scent of holiday with a freshness to it, having it be a perfect candle to burn even after the holiday's have passed. It's like if snow has a scent this would be it.

You can't go wrong with the Holiday Favorite Sampler Box, perfect for your own home or to give as a gift. Don't forget to use our CODE: CCHOMES15 to receive 15% OFF & Orders over $50 will receive Free Shipping

Here at Country Chic Homes we're so happy to have collaborated with LGH Candle Co. this holiday season, we hope that you have a blessed & humble season & may it bring you all the joy & happiness.



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