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Come & Take A Look At My Hutch

Earlier in the year, I had this idea; I wanted to redo my kitchen hutch. I wanted to bring color to her, but I wasn't sure if it was by painting or by changing the content inside. In today's post, we'll discuss how the weekend came together.

Her first time Fall after being painted white. I added a few corn husks throughout & Fall ironstone stacks.

I love scrolling through Pinterest & Facebook to get ideas on how to style specific spaces & get inspiration for my dream home. I have countless boards on Pinterest that I am adding to daily. Two weeks ago, I was on & stumbled upon a photo that stopped me in my tracks on FB. The image is below that inspired me, I have added the link from FB. But when I saw this picture, it had everything I wanted in my hutch & more. I was now looking at my island too. The photo showed a hutch & a kitchen island in the most beautiful colors, blue & green! I know, right?! If you have been here at CCH, you probably know that color is not seen in our furniture; it is only seen in flowers, the lines in the grain sacks & my French Glass Canning Jars. But there was something that drew me to this photo that had me ready to paint the island in blue & the hutch in green. I let it soak in my mind for several days as I knew that the task ahead would be big.

I stopped scrolling & admired every part of this beautiful space.

As the paint was going to be solid, not chalk paint, it needed to look perfect, not the chippy farmhouse look. But after a few days, I was ready to paint. Okay, it was after hours of looking at the picture on my phone & on my laptop. It was a little past 7 PM. I Googled what time Home Depot would be closing; it said 9 PM. I had plenty of time. I told Billy I would be right back & that I needed to go to HD. As I was leaving, I asked him if we had paint rollers, & he replied, " yup, we do, but are you sure you want to do this?" As he looked at me & over into the kitchen. I said, "oh, for sure!"

I arrived at HD with my phone in my hand to tell the Paint guy, "match these colors, please." There was no one at the counter, but that was okay. I figured I would look at the wall of swatches, HAHA! I know you have seen this wall before & boy, oh boy! I never imagined so many hues of blues & greens. I looked at every brand that they had & pulled my swatches eagerly & with so much confidence. After the 20th swatch, I started thinking to myself as I looked over to the whites, again, who knew there were a thousand & one different whites?! But nope, I was going to paint! I finally found the green that I wanted. I wasn't seeing the blue that was in the picture. I also started rethinking as I stood in front of the wall of a billion colors that I should probably paint the hutch & not the island, start slow & don't jump in all the way. With my new plan, I finally went up to the customer service counter to ask if I could get some assistance in mixing paint. The kind lady said the paint center was closed. Okay, by then, I must admit I was relieved. Usually, I might question why there was no one there, but that day I took my phone & finally locked it, grabbed the swatch & said thank you. I walked over to my car & as I drove off, I thought of going to the store across town. But I decided to call first & ask if their paint center was open. The operator answered, I asked, & she said, "it's open; we have several mixers until closing time." As I drove, I was approaching the exit that would lead me to my house. I felt this overwhelming feeling of leaving everything as is & switch up what was inside instead. What do you think I did? Did I go straight, or did I get off? Of course, I came straight home. I walked in empty-handed, with no paint, just a swatch in my hand. Billy asked if I was ready to paint. As I walked over to the kitchen & looked at my island & kitchen, I said, "no, I love them just as they're." I placed my foot on our garbage can a tossed the swatch away.

It was late; I didn't realize I had been at HD for a while. I looked back & smiled at my two beauties, who have a special place in my heart. I turned off the light in the kitchen & shut the door & I went to bed.

Dressed for Christmas! She looked beautiful with the garlands wrapped around on the top. Inside she was covered with colorful bottle brush trees & vintage Santa Claus mugs. Hmmm maybe my vision of bringing color to her, started last year.

Well, to bed, I said, not sleep. I started thinking of what I could do. How could I restyle my hutch differently? I wanted to add color. I have color! All my glassware! My French Jars! Yes, I knew exactly what I would be doing the following day.

After breakfast, it was time. I removed everything from inside of the hutch, all the white ironstone. I brought out my colored glasses & jars. I kept my English Advertising Pots as they had the right amount of patina & black lettering. I kept a few of the ironstone pieces. I thought putting my ironstone in my office would be hard, but it felt good. I looked at it as if I was giving them a break just to relax. But now you'll see more of them in my tablescapes, which makes me happy to bring them out differently. I didn't show them in my tablescapes before as it was a chore to get to them as I had them styled in stacks on top of stacks, LOL. After I was done, I stepped back; she looked PERFECT! The shelves had the right amount of color & were styled perfectly. Every shelf was different, but they were cohesive. The Advertising Jars looked so different even if they had previously been there. This time you could see just how beautiful they were.

Gorgeous colored glassware has been added, pieces that were already there have been rearranged. Same hutch, same color, her story continues.

My original plan may not have worked out, but I believe it is for the best. The story of the two will continue to stay that rustic chippy white & I'll change up what's inside to give them a refreshed look. I know paint is just paint & I could have redone it if I didn't like it, but I would have never gotten back the marks we made on the island from serving breakfast, coffee stains & well, maybe I just wasn't ready for these two. One day, I will have an island & a hutch that I can begin their story with paint. Like I always say, vintage pieces have a story & it continues with YOU & a new piece, their story begins with YOU! Either way, make it great!

Have you ever had an experience like this? Did you go thru with it? Drop your answer in the comment box below. Oh yeah, what do you think of how I restyled my beautiful hutch?

Thank you for reading & thank you for coming along this journey of these two pieces that hold a huge part of Country Chic Homes, a place that my family & I call home every day.

~ Ali

I have linked my LTK below where you can see my boards that I have created. Where several of these pieces can be found.

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