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Copper & Pumpkins

Hey Guy's!!! Omgeee Happy Fridaayyyy boo's!! It always fells so good to say that haha. Well if you followed along with me yesterday on IG, you saw that I created another Fall Tablescape. There's something about creating tablescapes that I find so calming & just laying all of the pieces out. So, I actually decided that every Thursday over on IG I'll be sharing a tablescape either with just myself or with others. It definitely brings inspiration to others & that's something that I always want to do. As much as I am inspired but so many, I love to inspire others in making their homes, well in this case cozy tables. So make sure y'all follow along every Thursday. So let's chat deets on this weeks tablescape.

This week I went with a Fall themed tablescape. I wanted to have it all be in the center as a community table. I placed a piece of fabric from Joann's Fabric, I absolutely love just going in & picking out different types of fabric & using them on our table or as a throw over a chair. I laid it across with a crunch look, kinda messy but not a hot mess! Next, I brought in our DIY candle holder, blog post on how to create your very own! We'll be creating another one soon with a chippy piece. I used my tapers from Lamp Lust, Guy's these are out of this world amazing! I love these so much & seriously bring Country Chic Homes to life in such a magical way. Okay this is how it all came together... I brought in my Ironstone dishes, only 5 cause this setting was in odd numbers, 5 white bowls from the Dollar Store, copper mugs these are perfect for Fall & Winter creations!! A Fall crock with some dried hydrangeas stems &... of course PUMPKINS!!! I have them across the table & one big old green one to seal it all off!! I have my faux fur table chair covers that pretty much do live on the chairs to bring some soft texture. Super soft & very affordable too...That's it!!!

I love creating community tablescapes cause there's no fuss, there's no right or wrong way of doing it. It's all casual all laid back. So if you create one please let us know, I'd love to see.

Thank you so much for giving me such an amazing week & I absolutely appreciate each & everyone of you!!!

Happy Weekend


Country Chic Homes Fall Tablescape

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