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Cottage Vibes

Hey Guy's!!

Happy Friday & all the Summer Vibes! It's gonna be a hot weekend here in Cali & some fun times! This week on the gram was calm & chill. I did a lot of my creating in one day & chilled the rest of the day's enjoying some family time & the beautiful sun.

Ya'll know that after every holiday, my mind screams calm vibes & that's exactly what's going on here at Country Chic Homes. As I started putting away my 4th of July pieces, I wasn't really pulling anything else out of any box or storage bin. I decided to use pieces that were already out & ready to be used. This week I took Thursday off, so I'll give ya'll deets for Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.


Country Chic Homes came atcha with some Cottage Vibes & I think that's kinda how the entire week went. This creation is in our side table in our dining room, the one & only table from Walmart. Sorry Guy's nothing is linkable in this creation. I have 3 of my ironstone plates as my base with a vintage bucket with my white roses from Marshalls & some greens from Afloral. On 1 side I have a vintage oil lamp & a brass candle stick. In front of it all I have a Cottage flash card. The neutrals with wood tones is absolutely my vibe. I only did one creation but with different views... Keeping it Summer Simple.


Oh my goodness ya'll loved the views of my dining room. I love that I decided to chalk paint our dining table white. It definitely sets the vibe for any creation. I shared with ya'll a creation on our dining table, it actually goes well with Tuesday's creation. I have my pedestal from Hobby Lobby with my antique holder with my antique silverware & bouquet of roses. I have my brass candlestick holders surrounding this creation to complete another Cottage Creation.


Living room wall creation, I shared with ya'll such a beautiful print from my sweet friend Gayla, if you're not following her yet on IG, ya'll are seriously missing out. She has such a talent & is always inspiring through her posts. I have her Ivy Angel Print casually framed in a vintage frame with a mirror in the back to give some layers. A few distressed books with a white pitcher with some ivy draped & another bouquet of roses. I had been wanting to create with this print for sometime now but with the current situation of shops being closed, I took matters into my own hands & just decided to add the print with out a matte & I think it turned out great!

Short week on the gram but creations were coming together quietly at Country Chic Homes. All were definitely Cottage Vibe & all with a rose bouquet. Sometimes it just flows that all the creation's look all the same but really they flow all together to give a calm vibe.

TIP: To have a calm vibe, have your creations flow by having one piece in every creation. For Country Chic Homes, this week was rose bouquet in every post that I shared.

TIP: Take several pictures of different angles & time of day to give different views of your creation & vibe.

Well Guy's that wraps up another amazing IG week!! Ya'll are the sweetest crew & I appreciate each & everyone of you!! Have an amazing weekend.





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