• Ali

Summer Cozy Couch Refresh

Hey Guy's!!!

Y'all know how much I love cozy vibes & pillows so why not have both in 1??.. I thought it was time to do a refresh on our couch, since well we've kinda have been living in it for almost 4 months now & it doesn't seem like we'll be going anywhere anytime soon.

I originally just had drop cloth & pillows on the sectional. Nothing too fancy or cut in any way just covered. This time around I decided to cut up the 9ft x 12ft drop cloth & have it on the seat part & arm since it's more durable it made more sense to me. I was able to tick it in more places to give it a fitted feel. On the back I covered it with a Waffle Weave Blanket which has made the couch so cozy with a softer back & gives it texture. After covering it entirely, I added all the pillows that I possibly could & a few throw blankets. I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping it this way for awhile & just change around some pillows & throws as the season changes.

All linkable items are shown below, let me know what ya think & if you need any help finding any of these item's. Hopefully I've inspired you to do a Summer Cozg Couch Refresh.

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