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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Hey Guy's!!! Happy Monday!!! Gosh I don't think that I've ever have mentioned that I truly love a good Monday & today is an amazing Monday!!! I hope y'all had an amazing weekend & are ready to take on the world this week!! Okay, okay maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but I definitely want you to reach for the stars boo in whatever you do today& always!!!

Well now... let's chat!!! If you follow me on IG, you probably already have heard the BIG news!!! Country Chic Homes is now open for retail business!!! Yasss you heard that right, I am growing my little business that started out a little over a year ago. I have been so blessed by each & everyone of you, that every day you allow me to come into your life in some way & let me share my thoughts, my home & my creations. My biggest question that I always recieve is, "where did you find that" & as I've worked hard on sharing my finds with you. Now I've taken it to the next level!!! I'll be vintage shopping for the best curated item's for you! I'll be selling the item's over on my Instagram page, so make sure y'all are following along. Of course my dream is to have a brick n mortar, but let's be honest it's 2020 & maybe not the best time to do so, well in the area that I live in. So, for now & for awhile you can find these amazing item's once a month, maybe even twice a month! It all depends on you, on how much you want me to go out & shop & bring these amazing finds to you. So let me give y'all the deets on Sale Day's.

Our 1st selling date is set to launch on Wednesday October 14th. It will always be on the 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 5PM PST. Of course I'll be announcing the Sale the week before so you can mark it on your calendar. But this week's Sale, is a little different with only a few day's notice!!!

  • I will be posting the item's on my stories with a description & price. Stories run for 24hrs, but I will be removing the item's once they sell.

  • If you would like to purchase an item all you need to do is respond to the stories SOLD along with your email address to send you the invoice. The person who responds 1st will be the lucky winner of the item.

  • Payment will ONLY be by PayPal

  • All invoices will be sent out by Thursday Morning 9AM PST. You will have until Thursday 12PM PST to pay. If payment is not received, item will go to the next person.

  • Any item that is not purchased will be in a Highlight "Sale & the date of the Sale" ex. Sale 10/14. You're able to purchase that item at any time.

  • All orders that are sold on the Sale Day Wednesday - Thursday, will be shipped out that following Monday by USPS priority mail.

  • Please make sure that you have the correct mailing address on your PayPal account. If for some reason the package gets returned to Country Chic Homes, I will send an invoice to you covering the shipping cost before sending it out again.

  • I package every item with great care, but unfortunately if an item is damaged or lost during shipping. It will be up to you to contact USPS for a refund of the item. As, I am unable to send out another item to you.

  • Lastly, All Sales are final. So please make sure to read the description carefully & take screen shots to zoom into the item. Always feel free to DM with any questions on an item.

That's it!!! I can't believe this is actually happening!!! Thank you so much, & when I say you're making my dreams come true, you absolutely are 100%. I am forever grateful!

Now set your alarms for Wednesday Oct 14 @ 5Pm PST & every 3rd Wednesday of the month!!!





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