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How do I even start this post!? I am so excited to announce that I have, well I'll be opening up a Home Store!!! Yasss that's right, I am opening up right here on my website, my dream was a brick n mortar, but after weighing everything it only seemed right to do it right here. Haha okay the lease prices may have played a huge part in my decision.

What will I be selling? Well let me start by saying it's going to be a very Chic European vibe. Old rustic France but with new items, inspired by the old world. I'll have a section for French vintage of course, but I will be sourcing those locally. Many of my new item's will be coming from Europe, yay for shipping times. Item's will range from linens, soaps, kitchenware, ironstone, candles, decor just to name a few. I'll be bringing in homemade items from my dear friend Britany too, which I am thrilled about.

So what does that mean for my website? It'll be looking a little different to welcome the store & the layout will be flyers easy to flow into. Over on the gram, we'll yup I'll be tagging products over there in my posts. I'll still be inspiring in my posts but definitely showing you products in all my posts. In stories we'll chat & I'll be able to link items there as well. I truly hope you continue to follow along.

It's been a lot of working bringing it all together but definitely I've enjoyed every bit of it. I don't have an exact opening date, but it definitely will happen within the next 2 weeks. I'll of course be updating you here & over on the gram.

Thank you so much for being through this next chapter of Country Chic Homes.




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