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Country Kitchen Shelving

Hey Guy's!!

Okay!! So let's dive right into this post, cause I'm so excited to share it with ya'll the deet's!! Hopefully ya'll have seen the post on IG already, but if not after you read it here, go show me some love!

You know that feeling that you get when you can be doing more with a space? Well I was getting that vibe, & I let my mind go with at 2am a few days after I took down the Christmas decor... I knew this space was about to change. I needed it to be more functional. So, I headed over to Greenlynx Reuse & picked up what I needed to create this beautiful rustic shelving. BTW, Nicole is absolutely amazing. It was super easy to put up with a few brackets that I purchased at Home Depot, I'll add the link to them in of the pics. We had each shelf cut to 34", just what that space needed. Creating the look was amazing & so easy to do. I knew what I needed & wanted on each shelf & it all came together. I won't add all the deets to what's on the shelves, IG has those deet's, but if you have a question, send it my way. I will say, the last piece was the vintage scale on Facebook Marketplace. Oh & the 3rd rolling pin from Rococo Mercato, generally I like creating in 3's. I had been eyeing for about a week, and I finally made my offer & it was accepted! So really there wasn't much to it & believe me another space very soon will be getting some rustic shelving... I can feel it ya'll! Ok, so here's some pics & don't forget to drop me a comment or question!

Enjoy the calm in your soul!


Above is a before pic...

Here's the bracket that I used, go ahead & click on it to be sent to

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