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Cozy Throw's

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hey Guy's!!

Let's chat about the throws that I've been sharing with ya'll on IG. I recently purchased 3 throw blankets from Amazon, 2 I am currently using & 1 I will bring in later in the season as it's a knit perfect for cooler Summer days transitioning into Fall. I love using throws in my home creation's & to use. Of course I have a few that are solely for creations as for cozying up. When I use them part of a creation, I just toss them on the couch, bed or chair by grabbing the center of the throw & shaking it all out. Once laid I fix the ends as needed . Okay, so let me tell ya'll about these recent throws.. & yup there's a few more on the way.

1. Modern Zig Zag Throw is the 1st throw that I shared, it's a woven throw with a 2 tone color zig zag pattern. It's a medium weight with tassels all around. I currently have it tossed in my Vintage Laundry Basket, since it's a bit heavier it lay's perfectly down still showing the tassels & pattern.

2. Mud Pie Tassel Throw is another woven throw the size is 50" x 61", I'll have to admit this one is my favorite out of the 3! It's perfect, it's not too soft as it's woven, heavy & the tassels are chuncky. It's an ivory color & fit's perfectly across & draped my bed. It is the priciest of the 3 that I am showing ya'll, but the price is definitely worth it & you won't be disappointed. It also comes in a few other color choices.

3.Cotton Pom Pom Throw is the one that I am not creating with at this time as I feel that the vibe of it fits with later in the Summer into Fall. It's a super sweet throw with pom pom details, I had been wanting one for awhile now & with the price I couldn't pass it up. It's the smallest 1 out of the 3 measuring at about 39" x 42". It's available in different size choices & colors.

Well Guy's if ya'll decide to choose to get 1 of these or all 3!! You won't be disappointed. Have an amazing time shopping & thank you so much for all your love!





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