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Cozy Vibes

Okay, I almost forgot to send out this post!! But here it is! So I wanted to share with you some cozy textures that you'll be seeing well... starting yesterday! What does Fall mean to you? For me in means bring out all the cozy throws, pillow & give me textures. Even though all year round you'll see our faux fur chair covers hanging over our dining room chairs on on our sofa. But once the season starts to change the throw pillows & blanket start to get a bit heavier & softer. So I'll share some pictures with the links on were you can find these item's.

Okay, so what was super important to me is no shedding! Last year it was kinda a problem haha with having lint all over me & since I tend to wear mostly black, I looked like I was wearing my throw blanket. I have included a few throws that will be used more for props in pictures vs. actually cozying up with. I'll add the word "linty" to ones that I have this issue with.

Most of these item's do come in several sizes & colors. I have chosen for our home a more neutral Fall pallet. For throw blankets I tend to order a larger size & for the throw pillows I do get a variety of sizes.

Wishing you a very cozy weekend!!


Top Row: From left to right

Faux Fur / Sherpa

Tassel Throw

Chunky Knit (linty)

Middle Row: From left to right

Rust Orange (linty)... I returned it cause of the lint

Diamond (A tad linty)


Bottom Row:

Yellow Sherpa

Cream (I haven't used it, but it looks like it's going to be linty)

Yellow Cable Knit

Top Row: From left to right

Vintage Inspired

Cable Knit


Middle Row:


Rust Pillow Cases

Brown (attracts lint I have them in oatmeal too & they're fine)

Bottom Row:

Euro Shams


Rust Orange

Top Row:



Middle Row:


Bottom Row


Faux Cowhide



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