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Creating Halloween In A Cozy Home

With Halloween just right around the corner, it's time that I share with you on what to expect here at Country Chic Homes. So please sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea & let's chat!

Halloween doesn't have to be spooky or frightening. It can be done very cozy & mixing your current fall decor. So there's no need to pack up fall just yet. Well, here at CCH, I love combining both by keeping fall as the backdrop & adding Halloween accent pieces. So, if you're looking for how to bring in those subtle Halloween touches, this post is for you; if you're looking to go all out 100% Halloween, you can still gather some tips & tricks, or shall I say Treat.
I will share with you exactly what I am talking about this Friday in a post & apply the following tips, so stay tuned. Today, I'll share the items you'll see throughout the season until Halloween.
Mixing & matching comes easy to me as it's something that I practice every day in my decor. It's the balance between more than one item or element. Each space in your home compliments one another & looks aesthetically pleasing & beautiful! In this case, I leave fall decor until it is time to decorate for Christmas. Fall resembles our home the most in its beautiful colors & acts as a lovely neutral barrier between our general home decor & seasonal decor. It helps us feel our home is still homey & cozy & most of all, how we love it year-round.


  1. Set your background to be neutral

  2. Add Halloween accent pieces throughout your home

  3. Find what makes you happy in mixing both fall & Halloween

  4. Shop your home & reuse it from previous years. I am! I only purchased one thing, well, two of the same item.

  5. Set out treats! I loved doing this last year. We're waiting a few more weeks to change out our glass canisters.

The subtle changes can be made by switching out your white taper candles to black ones, even dark chocolate brown ones. Battery-operated candles are a good choice. I like to have them in our living spaces & have them on once the sun sets. They can be clustered or alone under a cloche. This year, I did something extra special & I can't wait to share it with you. Textiles can be switched to darker hues, thicker as temperatures have begun to change.

Halloween decor candles and crows

Halloween Battery Operated Candles

Throughout the season, you'll see many tablescapes in indoor & outdoor settings. I will create with both styles in mind. I am mixing fall & Halloween & solely Halloween tables as we get closer to Halloween.
I am very excited to share my first-of-the-season tablescape with you on Friday! Tune into Instagram to see the reels & here for a detailed post.
Happy Falloween!

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