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Digital Prints

So easy, cost effective & find your style that fits you & your home. Nope I'm not chatting about furniture, I am chatting about digital prints. I've used them before & I guess I forgot how easy they're to use. Up until a few weeks ago when I was planning in my mind what Country Chic Homes would look like in the Spring & maybe all year round.

I went over to my favorite sight, where I know I will always find something even if it's not what I am looking for... Etsy! I typed in the search box "vintage french digital prints" & yes it can be a tad overwhelming but here's my tip when your search comes up with 9483857382 items. I only allow myself to go up to 5 pages. If you have all day to go through every page... go ahead.

Once I came across North Prints the images spoke to me, yup you got it that vibe that I am always talking about. I went thru the shop & I picked out several individual prints & a package one. I also loved that this specific shop offered the digital in several sizes, which is perfect. Sizes range from 5x7" to 24x36" you recieve all sizes in the print.

Once you select & purchase your digitals, you'll recieve an email or in the shop page it'll explain to you how to download them to your computer or phone. I work of of my phone so mine are on my phone. It's pretty simple after you download the 1st few. I'm not tech savvy so any questions on downloading them, I suggest you chat with the shop owner of where you purchased them from.

Printing... I have sourced a few places & have come up that CVS photos & the app Free Prints is the most cost effective way to print your digitals. Both sites offer coupons. CVS offers same day pick up, my local CVS does at least & I have ordered the 24x36" from them. I choose matte paper for mine, I try to stay away from glossy as much as I can to not get a reflection from lighting.

Framing... Oh if you know me my obsession with vintage frames is strong so I use my vintage frames whenever I can. Since mine don't have glass or any backing to them I just place the photos directly on the back of the frame and use regular scotch tape to hold the photo. Easy peasy!

I am currently working on spaces & will be adding more pictures to this post. So definitely save this post & come back!

Happy Printing!

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