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Dining Room Coziness

Hey Guy's!!!

It's still Monday for us here at Country Chic Homes & I wanted to chat about our dining room on how I make it cozy & still be able to actually eat at our dining table. Hopefully it'll help you or inspire you in some way.

Our dining room is literally the center of our home & our table is in the middle of the room. It definitely is our perfect room with the dining table & side table creations always changing. I keep both very similar to keep the vibe consistent & by doing so, it keeps the room cozy.

I tend to create with candles in this space which for Country Chic Homes is a way of keeping a space warm & inviting. For the gram I'll lite all the candles & for us tapers are off if we're not in the room & we have a jar candle on instead to keep up with the warm vibe.

When I am creating for our dining table, I always create in the center to keep seating spaces available to be able to pull up a chair & have a meal with out moving settings around. With the side table, I have more fun with creating as pieces aren't really moved unless we're celebrating a special occasion.

Textures are absolutely important, you can achieve that by having different elements or fabrics. Also having dimension by various heights keeps your creation moving, so your eye keeps moving from every piece of your creation, by doing so it brings your creation to life.

Find pieces that bring you happiness when you walk into a room. I feel that they need to resemble you, your family & what you love. Any space can be cozy if you do just that. Knowing how to piece everything will bring it all together & to me that's how a creation happens.

TIP: Have texture in your items. I tend to have no more than 4 different, unless I am working with a group or doing a collaboration.

TIP: Create height, if you're creating with candles, have them on different size holders. Use risers, books, boxes or pedestals.

Our dining room is where we gather & where we are blessed to be. Thank you for stopping by & showing some love here! I absolutely appreciate it more than you know.



Country Chic Homes

Country Chic Homes

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