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DIY Hearts 💛

Hey Guy's!!

So Sunday's are for the sports & the game was on. My mind needed some DIY time! I was already gathering my Valentine's items to start creating this week, but I felt that I was missing a piece, something that I knew was simple & perfect. Also, that I already had what I needed at home. I had some pages from a paperback book & a mason jar....let's make paper hearts!! I ended up making a lot, as I knew how I wanted them to look in my creation, a jar full of hearts & having them spilling out. As easy as it was to make them, let me add some deets so you can make them too!


  • I did 2 pages at a time by placing them one on top of the other. Easier to cut by using only 2 pages.

  • Fold the pages in half. The way I did it was length wise to get more hearts out of the 2 pages.

  • Cut from seam into page, as if you were drawing half a heart. Cut as big or small as you would like. I did different sizes. Note: if you cut the opposite direction, you'll get half angel wings, cute but not was I was intending.

  • Once cut, open each heart & separate & Whoola!! You have DIY hearts!

*I used an older book to have my hearts look vintage with a yellowish color with brown trim.

There ya'll have it!! So simple but so beautiful. Let me know if you create some of hearts!

Be Well & Kind Always




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