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DIY Hearts ๐Ÿ’›

Hey, Guy's!!

This time of year, Sundays are Football all day long & snacks. But My mind needed some DIY time! I was already gathering my Valentine's items to start creating this week, but I was missing a piece that I knew was simple & perfect.

I wanted something that I already had at home. I had some pages from a
book that I use for DIY projects, & a mason jar. I always have mason jars around. So why not make paper hearts from the book pages & fill the jar? I ended up making a lot of hearts as I knew how I wanted them to look in my creation, a jar full of hearts & having them spilling out. As easy as it was to make them, let me add some deets so you can make them too!

How To Make Your Jar of Hearts:

  • I did two pages at a time by placing them on top of each other. Easier to cut by using only two pages.

  • Fold the pages in half. I did it length-wise to get more hearts out of each stack of two pages.

  • Cut from the folded seam into the page as if you were drawing half a heart. Cut as big or small as you would like. I did different sizes. Note: if you cut in the opposite direction, you'll get half angel wings, which is cute but not what I intended.

  • Once cut, open each heart & separate & Whoola!! You have DIY hearts!

*I used an older book to make my hearts look vintage with the paper having its natural patina.
There you all have it!! So simple but so beautiful. Let me know if you create some hearts!

Be Well & Kind Always

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