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DIY Jars

Hey Guy's!! YAY another budget friendly DIY! So I truly always want to do budget friendly DIY's at very little cost or no cost at all with items that you may already have. So let's get started... I found these glass jars at the Dollar Tree!! Okay hold on, if you haven't gone into your local Dollar Tree, you have to go! I get a lot of my DIY items from there, all you gotta do is go in with an open mind & look past at what you're seeing. For example, these jars are perfect just with the clear glass but, they have so much potential to be more vintage country farmhouse style. So here's what ya'll will need.

What you need:

  • Glass Jars, found at the Dollar Tree Store or you may already have something similar

  • White Primer Spray Can. I use a flat finish. Why a primer instead of paint? So I like the chalky look it gives without the chalky residue & since we're spraying it on glass it adheres so much better.

How to create:

  • Spray away! I wait about 20 minutes to turn them upside down to spray the bottom. Do multiple coats for a full coverage. I left the lid as is.

  • Once jar is completely dried, I just don't mean touch dry. You're done!!! YAY!!!

Now create & style away! I used mine as vases with some eucalyptus. You can create & style yours any way you like. You can even use them in your bathroom vanity as cotton & Q-tip holders. Or in your kitchen as teaspoon holders. Which ever way that you choose to use them, show me please!! I love seeing what you do & how y'all are creating with these DIY'S!!

* Always use spray paint in a ventilated area or outside.

Alright my love's!! I'm so grateful for y'all!!



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