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Chippy Candle Holders

Hey Guy's!!!

Omgeee we did it!! My boyfriend cut the post that I shared with you on IG about a week ago. Such a beautiful architectural wood piece that I found on Craigslist. I actually stumbled across it after finding some corbels & the owner had this 7.5ft post too. I had recently come across my sweet friend Mickie on IG, she had made some candle holders out of a post. I was truly inspired by her's & knew that I would be doing the same with our post. Head on over to today's post, I have tagged her so you can see her candle holders & OMGEE she has a beautiful cottage home that will truly inspire you.

Okay onto the simple deet's well after a quick fix.

So I found this post as mentioned above, but it had a good size crack as you can see in the pictures. My boyfriend needed to fix that before cutting up the pieces to make the candle holders. He did that by screwing in a few wood screws in areas that were crucial to holding the post. I had marked what pieces I wanted as holders & he went at it with his Sawzall. It all went pretty smoothly & each piece held together well, except 1 piece. Good thing it fell apart evenly so he was able to screw it all back together. We have about 3ft left of post that we still need to cut down, but we need a longer blade. Once we cut it down, I'll add to this post, but I wanted to share this with y'all.

We currently have 5 candle holders, all different all unique but all so Vintage Country Farmhouse. I have so many creations in my mind for Fall & the Holidays. I have 2 different size pillar candles in the pictures below to add different height & dimension.

So if you come across a post like ours, grab it & make your own candle holders! Please tag Mickie & myself over on IG.

Thank you so much for reading & joining us in another Country Chic Homes DIY. Always inspire to be inspired.



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