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Do What You Love!!

Hey Guy's!!!

Happy February 1st & can we all say wheeeww January is finally over, I seriously think January takes up half of the year hahah!! So let's have an amazing 28 days of February! If y'all saw my post today, I ended it with show LOVE. But also friends, show yourself some LOVE & DO WHAT YOU LOVE. I know it's a hard thing to do at times, cause we all have a million & one things to do everyday. But I'm asking you to find sometime everyday to do something that you love to do, something that brings a smile to your face & warms your heart & soul. It can be anything, enjoying your cup of coffee, I love tea, or creating a beautiful space in your home, dance in front of a mirror, sit and close your eyes for a minute. I am fortunate enough to have found this during the past year, but only because I was forced too. My body was on "let's go" mode and I wasn't enjoying anything, well that's a bit harsh but you know what I mean. But living that way, got me to be realize how precious we are. Now I try to enjoy my moment's & love what I am doing. I want 2020 to be the year we all love what we do! Stop living in "let's go" & do it now. Start with something small & go from there. It may be take a short walk on your breaks, get outside & enjoy what we have. It doesn't have to be materialistic, it's something that builds you stronger. Its not being selfish, it's loving yourself to refuel yourself. So start today, it's a new day, new month!! You owe it to yourself.

This is what I do for ME:

  • Gym time

  • Drinking my tea, enjoy every sip

  • Walks with Pepper, what use to be a 5min walk is now 20min, I let him enjoy the walk & I enjoy the air, flowers & the seasons

  • Creating, my favorite! It's how I express myself.

  • & recently blogging

Much LOVE!!


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