• Ali

Drop Cloth Napkins

Hey Guy's!!

Happy Saturday!!! I hope y'all are having a great weekend & enjoying our 1st Fall Weekend!

I've been wanting to bring into Country Chic Homes cloth napkins out of linen fabric. But after removing the drop cloth this week from our couch, I realized that I could cut some out of the drop cloth. So easy & eco-friendly!! & oh so French Country Chic Homes.


  1. Any size drop cloth, we all probably have pieces laying around. I am using a smaller grade to have a soft napkin.

  2. I used a vintage cloth napkin as my template, but I went a tad smaller.

  3. I folded the drop cloth in 4ths. & I started out with about a 20" x 20"... if you've been around for some time y'all know that's a pretty rough estimate lol.

  4. Once I had the sections folded, I just cut away! I kept the fray vibe cause y'all know thats my jam!

That's it guys!! Easy peasy DIY French Country Chic Homes Napkins!! If y'all make some let us know!!

Thank you for stopping by on a Saturday!! Absolutely adore y'all to the moon & back!





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