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Drop The Drop Cloth

Hey Guy's!!!

Let's drop it like it's hot HAHA!! Okay seriously though let's talk about all you can do with Drop Cloth's, they're no longer for painters or tappers or whatever they were intended to be used for. So let's start with saying there is different sizes & weight that they come in. The heavier the ounce, the heavier & more sturdy the cloth will be. It depends what you will be using them for and the look you're going for. We have 8oz in our home to accommodate how we want to use the cloth. Also Drop Cloth's are so affordable that you can do an entire creation at once.

We started using drop cloth's in our home as drapes!! The BF looked at me as if I had lost my mind, but he let me do my thing. So off I went to Lowes to get the Drop Cloth's. For drapes get a longer length that what you actually need. With the excess of the cloth you can drape over to create a valance, I created a valance with also a drop at the bottom just to be dramatic. Okay I must admit, I had to spray the bottom with Do Not Pee spray for my sweet Pepper, it worked! Since ya'll know that I am so bad at measuring, I just eye balled how much to fold over with the help of the BF. Recently we just covered our sectional, for this creation I did measure, I kinda needed too. For a minute, I kinda was thinking it was not going to be cozy but boy was I wrong!! It is so cozy & welcoming! A few other creations that are planned in the near future are tea towels & pillowcase's. But for now, I'm enjoying my cozy couch & drapes! Oh yeah the drapes totally help keep the heat out in the Summer & help keep the cold out in the Winter. So head over to Lowes or Home Depot to get your drops!!

Let me see what you cover!! Don't forget to follow on IG to see all the Drop Cloth madness.

Get to Droppin'!!



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