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Fall Creating!!

Hey Guy's!!!

Happy Monday & New Week!! So it's gonna be some cooler temps here in Cali & I'm so happy for that!! Cause Fall weather is seriously so close, I can feel it.

Anyways, so here at Country Chic Homes our 1st batch of big pumpkins arrived yesterday!!! Totally unexpected trip to our local grocery store & there they were all so beautiful & ready for me! Of course I had in my mind that I was only going to be grabbing white Cinderella ones but... nope I grabbed a few others. I am trying to stay clear of the orange & leave those for carving this weekend. More to come on that.

I wanted to chat with y'all about creating for Fall specifically, you don't need to go out & buy all new Fall decor. Always shop your home 1st & secondly go outside & see what changes your yard or neighborhood has & bring those in. I love creating cozy vibes especially during this time & that maybe just with a cozy throw blanket, a throw pillow, your favorite scented Fall candle & a pumpkin from your local grocery store. I know that here at Country Chic Homes, I tend to go enormous with creations, from shelving or tablescape. But there is a way to tone it down & keep a cozy simple vibe. If you're stressing about it, boo don't!! This is definitely a season to enjoy all the changes & be all cozy.

So definitely this week I'll be sharing some cozy Fall Creations over on IG stories so don't miss out! But below y'all can see some simple Fall creations that were with items I already had or a new pumpkin.

Y'all are seriously the best ever & I am so grateful to be here with each & everyone of you!! So have a cozy Fall week!!



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