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Orange Sliced Garland

Update 2022: We still use our garlands every year. I store them in an air-tight container lightly wrapped in tissue paper.

I was in luck; a bag of oranges we bought a little over a week ago didn't turn out to be so delicious, so today, I sliced them & put them in the oven. I have yet to plan to create a garland with these, well, not this year. I want to enjoy them in an ironstone bowl, copper bowl, wood bowl, or any vessel.
I got three full-size cookie sheets, & baked them for a little over three hours at 225*. For one tray, I added parchment paper & on the other two, I placed them directly on the tray. They bake so much better on parchment paper & the clean-up is so much easier.
Country Chic Homes smelled heavenly!

Slices from a few years ago Christmas 2022

Slices from a few years back

All Baked

Orange slices
Ready to be baked

Hey, guys!!! We're just going to get to it & chat about how gorgeous our Fall Garland turned out. Here at Country Chic Homes, we love garlands & making a statement with them, so why not have this Orange Sliced Garland be over-the-top gorgeous? After creating one last year, I knew I'd be starting another one but oh so different this year. So let's chat 1st about what you'll need to create your own.

  1. 2 large oranges

  2. Twine

  3. 2" Wood Beads

  4. 1" Wood Beads

  5. Cinnamon Sticks

  6. Bay Leaves

  7. Cinnamon

  8. Nutmeg

  9. Ground Cloves

  10. Lace Ribbon, different colors & textures (check out your 2nd hand stores or antique shops)

  11. Tulle

  12. Needle

  13. Glue Gun

After you gather all your items, the 1st thing you'll be doing is baking your oranges.


  1. Slice oranges in circles about a quarter inch each. With 2 oranges you'll get about 10-14 slices.

  2. Pat dry slices with a paper towel

  3. On a cookie sheet place parchment paper

  4. Place slices on the parchment paper

  5. Add your spices to each slice on both sides

  6. Place in oven at your lowest setting or at 220 degrees for about 3.5 hours.

  7. Halfway through the baking flip over the slices. Make sure that each slice is starting to get crisp before flipping.

  8. Once slices are completely crisp remove from oven

Country Chic Homes Oranges


To create your tassels, you'll start by wrapping twine around a book, I would say for this garland you'd want a chunky tassel. Wrap about 40 times around the book. Clip the end of the twine roll leaving about 4" so you can wrap around the top of your tassel. Tie a secure knot. That's it!! If you need a visual check out my stories on IG Tassels.

Creating A Tassel Farmhouse Decor

Complete Tassel.. At the end you'll cut thru the middle of the hole


Thread your needle length & create your pattern of how you will use the cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, orange slices & wood beads. Cinnamon sticks are tricky; they're hard to thread & break easily, so be gentle. I cut my sticks in half, which made it easier.

  1. Thread your needle

  2. Thread in one tassel

  3. Add all your pieces, create your own pattern by rotating pieces. Do not add lace & tulle

  4. Thread in 2nd tassel, secure it with a knot.

  5. If you still haven't clipped off the twine from the roll do so now

  6. Now add your tulle & lace by cutting pieces at different lengths & thickness

  7. To have your tassels complete, snip in between to have them frayed instead of looped. Add glue to the bead next to the tassel to secure it & have it straight.


The Making Of Country Chic Homes Fall Garland

Oh She's looking so beautiful!

Thank you so much for stopping by today & letting me share this beautiful DIY with you!! If you make your own, please let me know cause I'd love to see it!!

Have a wonderful Evening!


Country Chic Homes Fall Garland

Country Chic Homes

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