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Fall I

Fall has arrived! Well "technically" it hasn't the 1st day of Fall is September 21st, but here at Country Chic Homes I have set out our 1st Fall creation & oh does it feel so cozy.

I am starting out slow & with neutral color tones & I will bring in the deep moody colors around the middle of September. I have set out only a few faux pumpkins in our living space, gradually they'll be trickled throughout as the season arrives. I brought out some from last year & some new one from Joann's Fabric. I love shopping with them as they have so amazing sales & you can use coupons if you have their app. Let's chat some cozy vibes!

As for our throw blankets & pillows, I am still keeping them light as we still have some warm summer days ahead of us. Our bedding will change in my 2nd phase of Fall. I'll have another blog on our bedding soon! In this phase, I am using our favorite cotton blend throw pillow covers in beige. Over on IG I had shared a few weeks ago some throw blankets too, they work during this phase as they're light but still full of cozy textures. The neutral tones, definitely goes with our vibe & it will be an east transition into the deeper moody vibe!

& of course a huge factor is our candles for Fall! Little Gray House Candle Co. has some amazing Fall scents. All are available in different sizes & they also launched their new white jar! It's super sleek & beautiful, it definitely will go with any decor. LGH has given me a 15% OFF code to share with you CCHOMES15. Head on over & check out their Fall scents, I'd love to see what went you choose! Tag me over on IG with your candle.

A few tips for Fall decor buying:

  1. Buy the more pricey items that you can use year after year to save $

  2. For pop of color definitely choose what fits your vibe & home. You're the one living & will be seeing it for weeks.

  3. Always shop your home 1st, see what you have before heading on out. Toss anything that needs to be or donate to a thrift shop.

  4. Buy & save your receipt... always! It maybe that once you get home that item may just not work as you thought it would. Seasonal items go on sale everyday & with out a receipt, the store will give the current price.

  5. If you're not sure if you love it... buy it you can always return it. Things are selling super fast, you don't want to go back & have the item not available.

  6. Enjoy & remember to support small & local shops too!!

I hope this gives you some insight on what my plans are for Fall. In both phases, I want to keep it simple & elegant & most of all cozy.

Thank you so much for always being here!!


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