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Fall or Autumn

What do you say Fall or Autumn? I say Fall, it sounds more relaxed & everything seems to fall into place just when they should. But then again, Autumn sounds so elegant & crisp. So how ever you choose to say my favorite season of the year, just know I love Fall The Most.

Fall is just not another season in our year, for me it's a time to grow, to look forward but yet to fall back into the comfort of our home. After we've gone our separate ways, exploring during the warm summer months. It's time that we come back home to gather.

I tend to reflect on myself a little more & find peace within myself.

I also find that I am most creative during this season, my thoughts, my writing & in my home, decor comes together a little easier. It's a time for me to truly reflect on what I want & what I need to do to achieve it. To ask for help in areas that I feel that I need support in, it's okay as my visions are clear to others. It's a time to plan for upcoming events & holidays & enjoy everyday & every moment.

A pass time that I have found myself enjoying the last couple of weeks, is sitting on our front porch & watching the breeze gently sway the branches from our trees & watching a leaf let go & be free. Seeing the colors change from their vibrant green into red & brown & turn crisp. To hear their crunch from nearby steps... Fall has arrived.

I hope Fall finds you well & you're able to embrace all the changes that are to come. Once again, thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you.

Happy 1st Day of Fall


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