• Ali

Fall Porch

Okay!!! How did I forget to share my Fall Porch? I was so excited to get it all together & enjoy every bit of it that I totally spaced out on writing a blog post. If you're following me over on the gram, I did share a brief post... a few weeks ago!

Well let's chat about it & all the deets. I literally went to Trader Joe's every day to buy pumpkins! I always found an excuse on why I needed to go, I'd come home with at least 3. One can never have too many pumpkins right? All different sizes & textures but I definitely stayed with in a more neutral color palette & only had a few orange mini ones up our stairs. Stacked, angled & standing up straight they all fell into place.... kinda like Bibi Bodi Boo! I added some of my vintage wood fruit boxes to create dimension & have that layering vibe. For my post on Instagram, I added a few throw pillows & throw blankets on our porch chairs. Of course I had a new door mat & oh the hydrangea wreath. I included some of the hydrangea clippings that have dried beautifully.

Fall weather has finally arrived & I am looking forward to sitting out on our porch & admiring all that Fall has to offer.

As always be happy & enjoy the season of Fall.




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