• Ali

Fall Throw Pillows

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hey Guy's!!!

Today over on the gram we chatted on stories.. what else Fall Throw Pillows!! I am so excited, I think I have all my pillows ready & am just figuring out when to throw them out on our bed & couch. I definitely have been feeling more of a cozy vibe coming on more than a crisp vibe. What that means in my world is, pillows & throws aren't being placed a certain way, tucked or even the good old karate chop down the middle. I'm just tossing them & how they land is pretty much how they'll be. Of course when I toss them I have an aim point to create a cozy vibe. Well, when will you be seeing them through out Country Chic Homes squares & through out the blog? I'm honestly contemplating 2-3 weeks & that's when Fall will be all throughout CCH.

So I'm going have this post be more of a reference with links to the pillows than deets, I went thru the deets over on the gram. I've created a highlight Fall Pillows, so if you need to see them closer or wants some more deets head on over. Alright let's go...

Well Guy's thank you so much for checking out or Fall throw pillows, kinda gives you a small glimpse of what's to come for Fall here at Country Chic Homes. I absolutely appreciate sharing with y'all all of my finds & if some way it helps you in your creating than my heart is absolutely happy!





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