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Fall Wreath

Hey Guy's!!!

What else says Fall Vibes? A wreath is a great way to bring Fall into your home. Here at Country Chic Homes we hung our first wreath of the season over the weekend & I'm loving how it turned out. Simple to do & you may even already have what y'all need. I wanted it to be subtle & not screaming Fall has arrived, so I went with a DIY. Here's what you'll need.

  • Vine wreath. I have one that is actually for Christmas one side of the wreath is frosted & the other side has hardly any. My storage is limited, so when I can I like to use pieces for more than holiday. Wreaths are already hard to store, so using it this way works for us.

  • Florals, real, faux or dried. If you're not using a vine wreath, you'll need some floral wire to tie your stems to the wreath.

Now the fun, since I'm using a vine wreath its pretty easy just thread your stems through the thicker pieces of vine. If you try to go through the thin vines, you might break them. For this wreath I decided to have the florals more towards the bottom & having a few stem cascade upwards. The florals that I used are faux dried hydrangeas in a deep rose tone. I added some dried wheat to have more of a Fall Vibe & to have some contrast. I left it just with the florals & wheat. You can add some vintage lace for a hand tied bow, but I went with more of a simple wreath. It can easily be changed out with different colors as the season changes & florals get deeper in their color. You'll see in the 1st picture some of the frost on the wreath, its just gives it more texture & it doesn't bother me having it there. Currently we have our wreath in our kitchen above the peg rail.

I hope y'all decide to DIY your own Fall Wreath, if you do show me! Thank you & continue having a great weekend!!

Country Chic Homes Fall Wreath

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