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Fall Wreath

Okay!!! I am so excited to share with you my 1st Fall wreath of the season & it may just be my only wreath till the end of the year. Cause when you have a good thing, why take it down?

I tend to only create wreaths for Fall & for the holidays they just seem more appropriate, in my opinion. How I created this one was so easy & really it was a surprise that I did. See now, I had just bought the grapevine wreath & hung it up on our front porch & was going to call it good. Until one day I saw my friend Kari post over on the gram a wreath with hydrangeas! I knew I needed one but there was 1 problem. I had no hydrangeas lol! But that all changed when my cousin gave me her entire hydrangea blooms! I enjoyed them for a few days inside but come football Sunday & the boyfriend was enjoying his game time, it was my time too.

I un ~ hooked my grapevine wreath & went to the back to start my wreath. Super simple just stick the stem into the vine. I created a very full wreath 36" but just half as I wanted the wreath to still show. To say I was in aww once I was done is an understatement... I was thrilled!

My son recorded me for a sec while I was creating, so I could create a reels over on my Instagram page. Head on over! But I'll attach a video of it here too.

I hope you love my wreath as much as I do & if you create one show me!

Well that wraps up this post up. Have an amazing week ahead & thanks a billion!


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