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Fallafied Bedroom

Hey Guy's!!

Happy Fridaayyyy boo's!! What a week!! We did some vintage pickin', some creating & Fallafied our bedroom. I had been adding Fall pieces slowly but with the weather not cooperating with my Fall Vibes, I waited a bit longer. Let's chat some deets & main new pieces to the room.

We added 3 doors to create a headboard vibe or just to add some layers & texture. I have no more area to create & can hang pieces without worrying about too many holes in the wall. I have a lot of creations that I have planned for them.

I added some cozy Fall Vibes with some soft texture throw pillows & throw blankets. Adding layers absolutely gave us the cozy Fall Vibe & adding black has brought in the French Country Chic Homes vibe that I've started to incorporate in our home. I'll include in the pictures links to all the new linens, for the basic bedding, head on over to the "Country Chic Homes Bedroom Refresh"all the white linens are included in that post. When making up the bed, I have no right or wrong way on doing so, I kinda am at whatever has the layering feel & balance it what I enjoy seeing. For extra props, I place a mini white pumpkin or a cherub on the bed.

On the doors, I hung 2 vintage frames with our new Leaf Garland with fairy lights from Lamp Lust. At 24ft I was able to drape it along to create a magical look & keep it elegant. The garland is battery operated & I hid the battery box inside one of the door knob holes in one of the doors.

Oh I have a highlight saved over on IG of the bedroom refresh, if you'd like to take a peak. Even a reels that I did so you can see the room in the evening with all the lights.

Have an amazing weekend & thank you so much for taking time to catch up with us here at Country Chic Homes.



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