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Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves

Hey Guy's!!

Happy Friday Eve!! I hope you've had an amazing week & have an amazing weekend. It's Superbowl Sunday, so for ya'll that love the game or like a good Superbowl party, I hope your team wins, for those that don't I think it'll be a good time to do some shopping cause no one will probably be out n about!! So... may the best team win!

Okay ya'll so lets get to the importance of this post.... I am absolutely loving my kitchen shelves that we put up a few weeks ago. It gives me room to create in our kitchen & have a place for items that I do use & I can have them displayed. I have a blog post about the shelving, so go check it out! All I did today was create again. I have staple pieces that will always stay in every creation. I always create in my mind first, & usually it comes out just how I imagined it. I might have to move some pieces around to balance it all out, blog post on that too.. very important one to read. So let's me share the deets of each shelf.

I'm working with 3 shelves. The bottom shelf is a metal shelf that I picked up from Facebook Marketplace awhile ago. It has a rod at the bottom, which is pretty much where I hang my colanders & cheese boards. On top it has wired shelf, I usually will leave one of my cheese boards to have more of a solid shelf. I did just that with a board from Homegoods, no link cause ya'll know they have hundreds. I have my white vintage scale, another cheese board & Flea Market sign from Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately it is no longer available, I did look it up online & found the same one on, ebay, Poshmark & Mercari so if you're interested just jump on one of those to grab one.

Middle shelf, I placed my dish holding rack, I just adore these, I have a few of them, I added my white salad plates from Dollar Tree. See how I placed them for balance... My felt board that was in one of my boxes from FabFitFun & I left my eucalyptus wreath from Marshalls, I was in & they're starting to get in some wreath inventory. Top shelf, my black vintage scale also a Facebook Marketplace find, stacked wood bowls that we got at a yardie...OMG I can't wait for Spring so all the yardies come back! My staple piece on the top shelf is a wired bask

et with my rollling pins, if you're local head on over to Rococo Mercato Angela has a few to choose from. You'll notice I just laid my Amen sign against the wall, I'm still unsure if I want to hang it, I haven't so far.. I just like pieces peeking through, so we'll see.

Well that wraps up this creation, I hope ya'll enjoy it. If you have a business & would like me to create with your items, send me an email & see what we can do!

I totally appreciate ya'll & I've said it before & I'll say it again... you're making my dream a reality. Ya'll ROCK!!



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