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Final Countdown 5 More Sleeps

WOW! only five more sleeps & it is Christmas. Are you ready? Have you done all your decorating; food planning & gifts all purchased & wrapped? Wherever you're in the final days, It's the most magical time of the year & yes, the most wonderful time to enjoy every minute.

Here at Country Chic Homes, we're ready. The food has been planned for our family Christmas breakfast, gifts are all purchased, & no gift has been wrapped & but I will get to it very soon. Decor has been completed, & I am looking at our mantle as I write this & wanting to do one more style. This was supposed to be the last one of the season, but I have one more plan that I want to do & share. I might squeeze that in before bed tonight. I have a few tablescapes that I will be sharing this week. I can't wait to style them. I have been planning them for a few weeks & I think you'll love them. I still have to take a few pictures of two styled spaces, but I just have been too busy to take photos of these spaces. To say I need about eight more hours in the day is an understatement. But, like wrapping the gifts, I will get the pictures done.

Let's chat about the three spaces that I planned back in June!

In June, I had planned my Christmas decor & it all looked perfect. I knew I would do the three at the very end to be able to enjoy them through Christmas. If you're like me & love to style & change spaces up, It's good to plan it all out by writing it down or keeping it all stored in your mind. I keep it all in my mind; it just seems more beautiful.

I've talked about my ideas here & on Instagram. I wanted a whimsical Christmas. With a sizeable colorful tree, moss, reindeer, garlands, & twinkling lights & where everything feels as if you are a part of each space. From our 9' flocked tree to our Enchanted Whimsical Christmas Forest & lastly, our mantle that has layers of garlands. Each one falls entirely together. I created each space in stages. I styled our tree first as I wanted to enjoy all the colors of the vintage ornaments & see them sparkle. Our forest came in second. Every detail, from the reindeer moss to the colorful bottle brush tree, makes it feel enchanted. The mantle was the last space that brought it all together. I used five garlands, cotton picks & stems from the shop to get a grand garland. Our Christmas stockings gathered at each end of the garland. Of course, I needed to have taper candles. Our mirror was such a wonderful gift from Frame My Mirror. The Winston is such a grand mirror, ornate & so much detail. I have a discount code got you to use, 15% OFF with code COUNTRYCHIC15.

I loved every space; I say "loved" as the forest has been put away. Yes, I did another style on the side table. I had to. I got bored late last week & I've said it before & I'll say it over & over again. Creating spaces soothes my soul & mind. I get overwhelmed when a few days pass & I need to style or create a space.

Tips on creating large spaces

They will stay for a week when I style large spaces for Christmas. I plan way ahead. Given Christmas, I always plan in the early summer. I'll share with you the tips that help me gather my items & stay how to stay on budget too.

  1. Plan accordingly. If it's for Christmas, get ahead of the game so you can order your items if needed. Things do sell out.

  2. Purchase your oversized items first. This year we bought out the tree in August. As the tree was going to be part of the trio, I didn't want it to sell out. So as soon as the store opened its Christmas section, I started looking for it.

  3. Organize your decor in sections you'll be using first, & set those items upfront. Organize by category too. Just like when you go to the store, you want it to be organized for you & easy to shop. The same thing goes for your home. My office has been a mess for about a week now. I have plans to reorganize every space differently after Christmas. So my office has been my landing space for it all.

  4. If you can, keep your styles in your mind, then jot them down so you remember. Even add dates to them for when you want them done. If you share on any social media platform, plan the dates that you'll be sharing.

  5. Do any DIYs that you'll need for your creations. Do them before you want to start styling. Just in case you need a plan B

  6. Have on hand all of your supplies, such as zip ties, command strips, batteries & batteries & extension cords for your lights

  7. My last tip... if creating ample space, it's okay to do it in stages. I did, with all three. Especially the tree; it was done in three steps.

A little secret. I have my winter decor all planned; It consists of beautiful whites & neutrals. Florals will make their presence known once again. I can't wait.

As we're wrapping up the Christmas season, Friday's blog post will be more of a collage of CCH Christmas. You can scroll through the post & hopefully, you'll find some inspiration for next year. Links to these styles can be found on my LTK, along with all of my other Christmas posts.

Enjoy your week with family & friends & be merry & bright!




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