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Floral DIY

Hey Guy's!!

Happy Saturday, so as I was sharing my floral's from Afloral & Target... why not do a DIY & blog post!? I'll link the floral's I used in this creation & share how I created this look. But head on over to my stories on IG to see it all in action.

1. Vintage Garbage Can... yup thanks to the tow truck guy that came to replace the battery in my car months ago & was so kind to give it to me when I asked if he needed it.

2. Mason Jar

3. A piece of cloth, I'm using a piece of burlap, I tell ya I save every piece!

4. Paper Garland, see DIY Blog Post on how to create.

5. Florals & Greens from Afloral:

Okay now that we have our list of item's, let's create!

Add your Mason Jar to the inside of the can or container that you're using. TIP: when using a container with a wide opening such as the can that I used, the stems have not support. They'll just lean to the side & not stand up. By adding the mason jar, it will support the stems. If you need the floral's or stem's to be a bit higher, that's when you'll use the cloth, add the cloth before the stem's by pushing it in, not all the way. Add the stem's pushing gently into the cloth, I used burlap. Once you have the desired height, you're done with that part of your creation. I added 2 of the Fake Mini Hanging Leaves to the front of the arrangement. I did not place those inside of the mason jar. I bent the stems a bit & have them hanging over the can, To complete the arrangement, I added the Paper Garland towards the back of the arrangement to fill in any gaps. That's it Guy's!! So simple & I've given you a few tips when you're creating arrangements. Let me know & I want to see if you create an arrangement, I'd love to see it!


1. Use a Mason Jar when using a container that has a wide opening

2. Use cloth / material to add height to your stem's.

Okay Guy's!! Have an AMAZING weekend!


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