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Frames Galore

Hey Guy's!!!

Happy Saturday!! I want to thank you so much for being here with me & reading my posts, I am absolutely grateful every time you click the link or type into your browser to come on over here with me.

So I received so many sweet DM'S on how I create with my vintage, chippy, or ornate frames that have no back, no glass absolutely just the frame. Pretty much all of my frames are in that state & it gives me so much room to create an elegant vintage creation. I create by adding a smaller frame inside of a larger frame creating dimension, once in awhile I'll add a picture inside of the smaller frame to give the creation more detail. It's a simple way of creating an elegant space, but with so much texture & layering effect.

Frames like these can be pretty pricey, but when I find an amazing deal OMGEEE it's the best feeling ever! I find them pretty much on Facebook Marketplace or at estate sales. If I find one that doesn't go with my color scheme at home, well it's going to get chalked painted. These frames, especially the true vintage one's are fragile, so definitely be gentle with them when picking them up & hanging them. The one's that are more fragile, I do hang them with extra support. I have plenty of small finishing nail's if I need to re-secure the sides of the frame. Of course if you're adding a picture to it, it will be giving the frame some extra support. So head on out or search Facebook Marketplace!

If ya'll have vintage frames, I'd love to see them! Share with me on IG by tagging countrychichomes or DM me. Drop me a comment here and let me know what ya'll think of these frame's.

Have an AMAZING weekend!!


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