• Ali

Free Fall Decor

What?!! Free fall decor? Yes, you read that right!

After all the faux pumpkins, cozy throws & pillows have been bought step outside & see all the free items you can use. If you have a green thumb you may have some fall flowers in your flower garden, snip some & create a floral arrangement that can be used in any space in your home. I on the other hand do not have a green thumb, but recently I was given a huge load of hydrangeas from my cousin, when she said, "come on over" for some hydrangeas I jumped right on it! Trunk full I cam home & set them in containers to have them throughout our home. The warm fall color of each bloom is absolutely gorgeous to see. My plan is to enjoy them for a few day & then create a wreath that may hang on our porch thru winter. I'll be writing a blog post once I start creating my wreath so you can see it come to life.

Branches from a tree are one of my favorite items to bring in. They have so much texture & life to them. I've had my other half bring some in & he has an eye of what I want & need to create a fall space. I enjoy putting them in crocks, demijohns or just on a table. I have brought mine in with & with out leaves depending on the vibe that I am going for.

Leaves, collect them & place them in a bowl or fill up a jar. You can also do this with a corns, I am working on that as I chat with y'all.

Bring in fruits & vegetables & set them out on display in a vintage basket. Leave leaves on them to create a harvest theme vignette.

Mix & match your already faux arrangements & real, to create the perfect vibe. It's easy & free!

Hopefully I have inspired you to go out & bring in some fall vibes into your home.

Have a wonderful weekend & thank you very much for always showing up!!




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