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French Cottage

Hey Guy's!!!

Let's chat some changes that are happening here at Country Chic Homes. As much as I love collecting vintage pieces, they can be a hard vibe from wood tones, metal, ironstone & crocks. As my collections continue to grow, I felt as if I was losing the Chic out of Country Chic Homes. So what to do?? Let's bring in some florals & switch up bigger pieces that we can.

As I mentioned on IG, I love florals but K just can't spend $20-$40 & only have them last me up to a week. So I'm pretty picky at picking out my faux florals. I have a pretty good selection from a different shops. Michael's has really nice stems & Afloral does too. Over last weekend, I came across some that have the vintage dried look!! I picked them up all for $5!! All gorgeous & perfect for what I'm going towards.

I'm looking forward to incorporate more French Country Chic Vibe pieces, even vintage ones. So definitely keep checking us out of the gram to see all the creations. One space that we re did is in our living room. It's the corner that is most visible at all time & I felt it just needed something more or different. I switched out the tall chunky standing mirror for a vintage inspired ornate one. It was all black with some gold accents. I needed to lighten her up & she turned out beautiful. With just some linen white Chalk Paint & a stain, she fits perfectly in that space with all that surrounds her.

Don't be afraid to change up spaces if they're not vibing with you & home. I know sometimes I question myself & really what did I loose nothing, cause I shopped my home! So if a space isn't what you want it to be, change it.

Thanks for stopping by & seeing what's new at Country Chic Homes.

Have An Amazing Sunday!!


Country Chic Homes Before

Country Chic Homes After

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