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Hey Guy's!!!

Happy Monday & I hope ya'll had an amazing weekend! It's started to feel like Summer & things are starting to change around the home, all for the better. Okay, Ima get right into the post that I posted this evening over on IG for #beautifuldecorhomes. So here it is..

After almost a year, my posts had been crunched down into the IG square platform, always trying to get the best in the picture for ya'll to see. I knew though everytime that ya'll were missing the big picture of it all, either a room space or shelving. Well thing's have changed Guy's!!! Cause now I am posting full pictures when I choose to do so & I love it. So really no deets on this post, just a full view of a part of my living room entering into my dining room. I had been wanting to share it like forever & now I can. So what did I do? I simply took the picture with the IG camera app instead of with my phone camera & WHOOLAA!! INSTASIZE PICTURE!! I know we always say it's the little things that matter, but sometimes I want to share with y'all just a bit more, so I am absolutely thrilled that I am able to do just that now. Short post huh? but full of excitement!! Ohh I will say, the mirror OMGEEE is getting so much attention, it's an old purchase from Z-gallerie orginally it was a dark chocolate brown & about a year ago I chalked painted it white.

Thank you for literally all the positive vibes & all the love that you give me everyday!!

Have an amazing week!!

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