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Give Me Tea!!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hey Guy's!!

So okay, I know most of ya'll are coffee drinkers, I'm more of a tea person. I love the flavors & how I feel when I drink tea vs. coffee, so it's definitely a preference that I see a difference in my body & skin. So are you a tea or coffee lover?

Okay let's chat deets about my tea & coffee bar. The space is in our kitchen, it's a small dark nook. It use to be where our fridge lived, but it died & we purchased another one but with out measuring the nook size... so the new fridge was way bigger. The fridge now lives in our pantry. So I knew I would create a bar here, it was the perfect wall size to work with. The lighting is horrible & I just didn't like how the video on my stories on IG was appearing too dark. I'll try showing ya'll on a sunny day. Okay so here we go, I bought two boards from Greenlynx, had them cut to 30" each. Brackets went up & yay!! on studs!! I really like the chunky look of the brackets that I get at Home Depot, they fit perfectly with my farmhouse style & totally affordable. On the bottom shelf, I placed all my powder teas from Trader Joe's in mason jars. I have a few tea bags in their boxes that I replenish next to my Keurig. I'll show y'all later the entire view once lighting is better. I added a personalized Stamped Paperback Book Set "GIVE ME TEA". I have a few other items that I use with my tea. On the top shelf, I have my vintage tea kettles that we found at a yardie last summer & a vintage coffee grinder that was purchased on Facebook Marketplace. The last item is my wood sign from my friend Ceci, you can find all her items on her etsy shop & she does personalized items too!! I went with her Coffee & Good Vibes sign. I just added a pieces of velcro to the back to hang it on the wall. Every item fit perfectly together & I love how it all turned out, it makes mornings easier & through out the day as I make myself a cup of tea. Seriously! I am always drinking tea!! My favorites are my Matcha & Chai from Trader Joe's. Okay ya'll tell me whatcha think?? Drop a comment or question & make sure to keep and eye out on IG for a full story!! Hopefully tomorrow I can get better lighting.

Be sweet always & drink up!!




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