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Grandmother Clock

Hey Guy's!!!

I'm in love!!! If y'all have been over on IG, you'll know that I've been saying that all day!! The reason of course is my Grandmother Clock made her debut & after cherishing her for a few days to myself, it was time to share her & let her shine! Haha I even have 2 posts for her!! & of course my morning story was about her.

I had been looking for one for awhile & just couldn't seem to find one, either the price was outrageous or too far. But, last week on Facebook Marketplace there she was!! She had been there for apparently a week & I hadn't seen her. She was close by, in my city & only $65!! I messaged the lady & made arrangements for me to pick her up on Sunday morning. Yasss I set my alarm so I could wake up early & drove in my 4 door Acura to get her. I knew that I needed to go alone, as this was going to be such a moment for us. So there I went & of course half of her didn't fit!! But the kind lady's husband said he would would strap her down & secure her. Off we went the 9 miles slowly & oh so carefully down the main street half way hanging out but it was the best slow ride ever home. She finally arrive home to Country Chic Homes!!

I knew I was going to chalk paint her white & add some wax to give her the vintage touch. She came kinda was yellowish, cream & beige with flowers all on the front of her & on the face. I let her be for a day, & on Monday I got to work & gave her a new dress. I kept her face just as she came, one cause I wanted to keep something original & also I had no idea how to paint with out going over the numbers.

She works, I am still trying to figure out her chime, I'm close but I got her moving!! She's Pulaski & I have all of her paperwork, so just figuring it all out. I tagged Facebook Marketplace & they commented & liked & loved her!!

I'll say it again!! I'm so in love with her & in her story debut of course I had the song th Beauty & The Beast as she reminds me so much of the movie.

Thank you so much for being here with me today on such a special day!! I absolutely appreciate you!!



Country Chic Homes Grandmother Mother Clock

Country Chic Homes

How she came to me

All chalked paint white

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