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Halloween At CCH

Well, it may not be Halloween day, but here at CCH, we're starting to prep for Christmas. We thank you for being here for another holiday; let's take a minute & look back at this year's Halloween vibe here in our home.

This year I kept true to my style, I stayed with a lot of candles, but instead of my neutral-colored tapers, I brought out the black ones & which gives it a more romantic/moody vibe than spooky. I avoid your typical spooky Halloween decor & opt for a calm. If you have seen my reels, you know what I mean. It's all about a vibe for me when I create & Halloween is no different. With the bat wall & black crows, it brings it all alive.

In the beginning, I had decided to take a few Falloween pictures; it keeps the transition smooth & not so drastic all at once. I tend to do this when CCH is restyled from head to toe. It's also easy for my family to adjust between the seasons or Holidays. I appreciate them so much for sitting at our dining table underneath the witches' hat, a tablescape I created by hanging the witches' hat from my favorite table rod. I used all of my black battery-operated candles to give our table a romantic vibe with the hats above us.

We even did a simple DIY of the pails Jack ~O~ Lanterns, which was fun & easy to create. A centerpiece that only took some decals & vintage buckets & of course, black votives. It would be a fun DIY to do with kids that are too young to carve a pumpkin.

The side table that we have in our living room also was restyled this week. A simple vibe with our DIY wood candle holder included black tapers, old leather books & our large crows. All lit gave the vibe of CCH. Sometimes simple doesn't mean boring. When having other spaces with a lot going on, it is good to have a simple style, such as I did to the table. I have a blog post about how we created our candle holder, & I will link it to this blog post below.

Our mantle, I will say it over & over. I had a love-hate with this space until recently; it has become one of my favorite spaces to style. So, I knew I had to create a Halloween mantle with a vintage frame & a print that I purchased on Etsy. I sound like a broken record by now; yes, I added my black candles. Haha, by this point, you probably already know I love candles. I'll share a TIP at the end of the post, but if you can't wait (click here)

All of my styles this year truly represented me & CCH... Moody Rustic Romantic Country Chic. The first & last style that stayed around till the end of it all was the bat wall. I must admit it was hard for me to take it off. I even started to style the space for a Christmas style that I need to finish ASAP. Seeing that going up has eased the pain & the bats have flown away.

I will attach the links to each of these posts below & more can be found on my LTK.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for another wonderful Holiday that you have let me share with you. Even if you're not a Halloween person, you still showed up & supported me here & over on the gram. Now onto... Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to discover what is next at CCH.

XO Ali


When styling with candles, use a variety of heights. By doing so, it creates layers within the candles.


Wicthes Tablescape

Jack ~ O ~ Lantern

All The Black Tapers

A Halloween Mantle

Wall of Bats

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