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Hanging Garlands

Happy Weekend!!! Let's do this! Well my Fall weather ended quick as yesterday we reached triple digits here at Country Chic Homes. I love Summer, but Fall is my vibe & these triple digits have never been my vibe or jam or whatever LOL!

So last night I did a thing here last night at home. Since it was to hot to create, I did another DIY. Very similar to the All Tied Up Garland but on a strand of twine to have the fabric strands hang down. As the Season will soon change, like I've mentioned before y'all will be seeing Country Chic Homes garlands throughout our home. These I like to hang on the table in the living room, it's our longest table to hang them. In stories over on IG y'all may have noticed hooks or small finishing nails, that's why. Let's chat deets.

What You Need:

Twine I used a thicker twine due the weight of the beads.

2" Wood Beads

Fabric Stips

Let's Create:

  1. Determine how long you want your garland. Leave about 18" to wrap around your nail or hanging piece.

  2. Thread the wood beads. I did mine with 7.

  3. Add your frayed straps of fabric. Just snip the top of your piece & tear away from the fabric to create a frayed look. I have the strips different lengths to give my garland texture.

I created 2 hanging garlands one with wood beads & one with out. I chose not to go with Fall fabrics as I will be using these not just during Fall. I'll be hanging these soon with some All Tied Up Garlands that do have Fall fabric in them to give a Fall Vibe. So this is a perfect DIY to do if you too are have some late Summer heat & can do the Fall Garland once it cools down.

I absolutely appreciate each & everyone of you!! You're simply the best & I always look forward to sharing simple DIY'S with you.

Have An Amazing Weekend boo's!!


Farmhouse Decor
Country Chic Homes Hanging Garlands

Farmhouse Decor
Country Chic Homes Hanging Garlands



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