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Happy Anniversary

Hey Guy's!!!! Omgeee I am over the moon a trillion times cause Country Chic Homes has reached the 1 year mark over on IG & really of existence. I can't imagine my life without always creating & sharing it with all of you! I know I always tell y'all.. but seriously each & everyone of you are making this dream of mine a reality. So I am forever grateful, humble & absolutely blessed to be sharing with you every day.

A year ago I posted my 1st IG post with maybe 10 followers, 2 including myself & the post recieved a total of 6 likes & again 2 were from me LOL! But I knew what I could do & I kept on going. I know we'll continue to grow this year & continue creating cozy vibes & continue doing being true to all of you.

I started Country Chic Homes as a shop to sell my stamped books, garlands & candles. But I found enjoyment & peace with creating & being a shop took that away from me. It was becoming more about sales, so that had to change. I sold what I could & eventually became a decor page that has opened up so many opportunities. I am truly blessed to be doing what I love.

Thank you for being you with me on this blog & on this post celebrating such an accomplishment. Who would've ever thought I'd be given this platform, not I. But boy am I glad that I decided to do so.

Here's to another wonderful year with all of you!! I'm so excited to see what this year will bring.

Happy Birthday Country Chic Homes!!!


Country Chic Homes 1st IG Post

Ali Owner Of Country Chic Homes

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