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Hashy Monday

Hey Guy's!!!

Happy Monday & coming atcha #beautifuldecorstyles! I absolutely love this group! Hopefully y'all have checked out my square today, I just posted about 30mins ago! So, I shared my rustic farmhouse kitchen shelves. I re-create once a month these shelves, so I start thinking of what I'm going to create the last week of the month. Usually it's always pieces that I already have, you know I love to shop my home! Let's start on the deets...

Top Shelf:

I have my #3 crock with my vintage mashers, all from a yardie... my wired farmhouse basket with my vintage rolling pins, I think I need to find me some more. Since I'll be adding some to my dining room side table so. I have a set from Antique Market Decor, absolutely love Shannon's shop! & some berries that I've had for a minute from Joann Fabrics.

Middle Shelf:

My farmhouse plate rack from Facebook Marketplace, I placed 5 small white plates, Dollar Store!! With a wood cheese board. Another crock with some of my smaller vintage rolling pins.

Bottom Shelf:

A round cheese board with a glass dome, stoneware with some fresh lavender from outside of my home. I placed it inside of a metal crate that holds some mason jars.. but again re-using pieces in different ways. A few white berries just casually laid out.

I added my Farm Charm Sign to the top, to give it more of a structure & to go with the vibe. In the middle I have my Fab Fit Fun word felt board. That came in I believe my Summer box last year. Bottom shelf my sweet sign from Charlie James & Co., Bless This Food...

I kept the shelves light & airy & I absolutely love how it all turned out. Do y'all see the balance of how all the shelves go together? Wood, ironestone or stoneware & metal are my jam for this month's creation. My piece's aren't all in the middle or straight, they give the creation some depth & add texture to each shelf. So tell me do ya'll get how I create? & I'd love to see all of your kitchen shelving creations!

All right that's it Guy's!! Keep it real & much love to ya'll!!



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