• Ali

Hashy Monday

He Guy's!!

Happy Monday & Happy Memorial Day! I hope ya'll had an amazing day today & were able to gather with family or friends. We were lucky to have been able to gather & do what we love best, hike & BBQ. That's my goal is to hike more this Summer with my family & enjoy our times together. I am so blessed that all of us love to hike & enjoy a great meal afterwards. We went hiking to Spring Lake & BBQ at our home. It was absolutely a perfect day to go out and explore as it was a warm morning.

Well for tonight's post for #beautifuldecorstyles my post was a bit different than my other post's. Since it fell on Memorial Day I had posted my square honoring the fallen in the morning. I decided to post a picture of our dessert's that we had at our BBQ for the hashtag. A very simple picture with foods that we love & not realizing that I was capturing my sign "Gather" at the same time. There's not too much to talk about the post, but the meaning behind it is more than I could ever explain in a blog post. I love cooking for my family & I love when we are all together enjoying a meal, laughing & catching up with one another. We even watched a movie afterwards too on Netflix.

As today was to remember those who have served our Country & gave their lives, we remembered, but we remembered also what "Gather" truly means. I am so blessed to have the family that I have & enjoy every minute of it. Well Guy's that was my post for Hashy Monday, I hope ya'll enjoyed it & had an amazing day too!!





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