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Hey Guy's!!!

Where do I begin? It’s been forever since I've written a post, what once was so easy is now such a chore! & haha let's be honest, no one likes doing chores!

I'm just jumping on late on a Monday night, soon to be Tuesday. I felt the urge to just write, so here I am.

Over on the gram, I have been busy & on my LIKETOKNOW IT! Yasss I have a LIKETOKNOW IT & 7 followers, but just like here & on the gram you have to start from somewhere, right? What I love about the app is that it's given me the platform to share more than decor. Of course the foundation to Country Chic Homes will always be decor, but I love anything & everything that one can wear. So what not share it with all of you? I am starting to share a tad more of it on the gram, but am mostly leaving it to LIKETOKNOW IT.

My birthday is later this week, & I will be creating a romantic tablesetting of course. French cottage vibe will be very present, I'll make sure to blog about it!

I will also be creating a Mother's Day Tablescape in the next week. I'll share all the deets here as well.

I'm slowly getting back into the groove here, as in blogging! I think I just needed to be me & create & share.

Thank you for always being here & for enjoying all that I do, forever grateful!



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