• Ali

Hello 👋

Where have I been? Well if you didn't hear, I added another branch of Country Chic Homes! I host local Pop Up Events & I have 1 in the books & 4 planned! How did this happen? Well, I wanted a brick n mortar, but my goodness rent is insane. I just couldn't commit to that & I have a full time day job that I love & am in no way letting that go. I'm in the medical field, I've been with this company for, well 10 years this coming November.

So I am still doing all the other CCH duties, I just added 1 more. It's pretty big since I have other small businesses relying on me to do an amazing job in marketing & just showing them who I am. I also started a new IG page @countrychichomesevents. That's pretty much where I promote the vendors that are joining our monthly Pop Ups. I added a page here "Events" it has a calendar! WOW how cool is that? Now you can see where & when CCH Pop Up Shop Event will happen.

If you're local or nearby, definitely come on over & shop & support some pretty awesome businesses! & if you're small shop, let's chat! I'd love for you to join in on the fun.

Wishing all the beautiful mama's a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend, mau you be cherished always & forever!





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