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Hello California Winter Storm

If the weather can change in the blink of an eye, I believe that now. California has been experiencing a historic Winter storm for almost a week. When I had planned this post, I centered it around a Spring tablescape I created last Sunday when we were having Spring like weather. We had even BBQ all last weekend into Monday & ate our dinner outside. I had planned to share it with you here & over on Instagram, I will still be sharing it, but engaging with you with a cup of coffee, a cozy blanket & the heater going watching the rain come down.

Our Winter Blizzard may not be any news to you as you may have to deal with this weather every year. A few weeks ago, we had traveled to the snow, Lake Tahoe, to play & see the white fluff come down, not realizing that in a few weeks, we would have many inches of it in our neighboring cities. The Los Angeles area has had an abundance of snow, & the freeways that generally are covered with cars with what you would typically see for miles are the red backlights of cars were now covered in white. Jump on I5 North & head up towards me. The Grapevine has been closed as it is unsafe to drive through. The Grapevine, to me, is what differentiates SoCal & NorCal. Its elevation is 1,499 feet. I have seen snow on the tips of the canyon but not what I have seen in the past few days in the news. I believe there has never been snow on the bridges in the Bay Area that bring you into San Francisco. Here at CCH, in the furthest mountains, I could see snow at the tip, but once there, it was only sporadically on the ground. It was more dirt than snow. But now it has snowed in Sonoma County & nearby. The Valleys, the mountains, neighboring cities & counties have inches of snow, snow that continues to pile on top of their yards, cars & rooftops. In the city that I live in, we did not have any, but boy, the cold was painful to feel. We had gusty winds, rain, freezing temps & hail. Since we had just been in Lake Tahoe, it felt colder here than it did & that's even when we would be walking to go grab a bite to eat.
Sunny California is feeling not so bright & warm at the moment, but thankfully this will pass & we shall be back on track. But for now, I can share my Spring Table & inspire others to see that Spring is coming!

A Colorful Spring Table
This year I will be creating many tablescapes outside. If you read my post from Friday, you read that we picked up a Farmhouse Table. If you think it is out in the storm, you're correct. We have it off the ground & covered & wrapped in a tarp. I head out daily to make sure it's okay; it's fine. But before finding the table, I would use a plastic 6' table, not ideal, but with the right tablecloth, linens & table setting, one would never know, right? I created this table with ease using two of my favorite tablecloths. My Drop Cloth & a vintage embroidery on. My inspiration was the color embroidery on the tablecloth.
I brought out a mix-match of colored glassware to bring out the colors of the tablecloth. I added several colors of velvet ribbon to the silverware by wrapping it around the napkin. I stacked three white ironstone plates on top of vintage Wicker Plate Holders for the settings. For my flower centerpiece, I kept simple greens. All from the Spring Collection, Hydrangeas & the Herb stems in a vintage crock on top of a Jadeite cake stand. My favorite sitting bunny is nestled in a nest. Candle holders & tapper candles complete the tablescape. A Colorful Spring Table, but I kept balance with the solid drop cloth, white ironstone & a monochromatic flower arrangement.

Photo Gallery of A Colorful Spring Table. Image below has the linkable items.


  • When days are gorgeous, enjoy & create! I don't think I'll be outside for a bit.

  • When creating tablescapes, pick one element from your gatherings to be your inspiration & build from that all with balance.

  • If you don't have your ideal table, use what you have & cover it up with tablecloths.

Coming soon
Farmhouse Table DIY
Spring DIY with pots
I'll be sharing today's reels around 4 PM PST on Instagram. I hope to see you there.
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post on a Cozy Sunday. Leave a comment below if you have any questions on how I create tablescapes, if you're in CA, or if the weather we're experiencing is your normal Winter.

Have a wonderful Sunday Evening!
~ Ali

White Ironstone Plates
Embroidery Tablecloths

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